Thursday, August 15, 2013


“I swear on my dignity as a human being, to work to protect every individual living in the country of Cyprus from discrimination based on language, religion, race, birth place, class, age, physical ability, gender or sexual orientation; to make a concentrated effort to create a just and equal environment in which labor is not exploited, to strive to replace the culture of conflict and violence with values of peace and reconciliation, to remain committed to democracy, principles of social law state, and fundamental human rights and freedoms, and to never give up on the dream of establishing a federal Cyprus.”

Doğuş Derya, στέλεχος του φεμινιστικού κινήματος που εκλέγηκε  βουλευτής το 2013 με το κεντροαριστερό κόμμα CTP

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