Thursday, April 10, 2008

The continuous Zapatista revolution

It is good for them to know, the gentleman of money, that the times of yesterday will no longer be those of today nor those of tomorrow...They shall no longer humiliate those of us who are the colour of earth. We have always had a voice. But it shall no longer be a murmur which lowers its head. It shall now be a shout which lifts the gaze and we shall force them to see us as we are, and to accept us as we are...
On the one side is neoliberalism, with all its repressive power and its machinery of death; on the other side is the human being. There are those who resign themselves to being one more number in the huge exchange of power ... But there are those who do not resign themselves ... In any place in the world, anytime, any man or woman rebels to the point of tearing off the clothes resignation has woven for them and cynicism has died grey. Any man or woman, of whatever colour, in whatever tongue, speaks and says to himself or to herself: Enough is enough! Ya basta!

Subcomandante Marcos, Chiapas, Mexico

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